Monday, October 5, 2015

Dresser Redo with Fusion Mineral Paint, Show, Book Giveaway

Y'all (no, I am not from the south, but I love a good y'all over you guys) i have not been taking pictures of projects to share with you.  

And last week was no different.  I was madly preppin' for a show.  Rather than hauling pieces in from the garage and the workshop, I was going to take detailed photos when everything was staged at the show. 

After hours of unloading and pricing, staging and adjusting, I grabbed my camera only to discover the battery was dead. I had even checked to make sure it had a SD care in it before I left. Darn it.

I did snap a few photos with my phone before the crowd arrived.  One of my favorite projects was this dresser redo.  
dresser, redo, fusion mineral paint, tribal design, DIY, vintage show,

It was UGLY before.  I handmade piece with golden oak stain.

I painted it with Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement with Ash accents handpainted on the drawers.  I love Fusion Paint--it has such a nice finish that doesn't need wax!!

I also painted this little vintage, rolling, folding table in Laurentine (I am in love with this color!!) and Ash.
paint, tribal design, fusion mineral paint, aqua, vintage show, DIY,
The sale went well and all the items you can see sold and are on their way to new homes now. 
givewaway, book, pallets, DIY, build it, paint, tools,
I also sold books at the show and they sold well--it was fun to see the response.  YOU can still enter to win a free autographed copy HERE!  I will be closing the giveaway Wednesday at 8 PM MDT.  


  1. Very cool, love the aztec design :o]


  2. Becky, your creations are wonderful! :) Love the "wake up...." sign as well as the dresser! I'm glad your phone was cooperating to get the photos! :) Thanks!!

  3. Too bad your camera died on such an important event. I love the dresser and the sign boards on top of it, too! Great job on those and glad to know the sale went well.


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