Monday, October 19, 2015

Gallery Wall with AWESOME Light Sconces

Do you like to put puzzles together?  

I enjoy them, but honestly haven't assembled one for years.  But, after collecting a pile of things for a gallery wall in my new home, I decided "puzzle putting together" skills were a plus. 

Let me remind you what the wall did look like--it had some modern style wall sconces and a headdress art piece on it that was left with the house:
old schoolhouse, gallery wall, sconces,

Now, it looks like this:

vintage maps, gallery wall, sconces, arrow, family sign,
I added maps and family photos,
gallery wall, sconces, Robert Abbey lights, map, vintage school map, old schoolhouse, marquee letters,
round mirrors and L's for our last name( two of the L's are vintage sign letters). I made a family sign and an arrow for the wall.
vintage map, gallery wall, marquee letter. wall sconce, oil rubbed bronze,
The three maps include the Montana map I showed you awhile back (HERE), a 1929 school wall map of Europe, 
beyond the picket fence, gallery wall, vintage map, pallet frame, arrow, oil rubbed bronze light, lamp cage, vintage,

and this lovely, original pencil drawing from 1898 of our town.  It was drawn by one of the town's developers and it was left with the schoolhouse when we bought it.
map, vintage, pencil drawing, marquee letter, old schoolhouse,
And the lights, oh the lights make me swoon.  
wall sconce, Robert Abbey, oil rubbed bronze, vintage, round mirror, gallery wall,
I picked these up at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for $15 each.  They are marked Robert Abbey and I have seen them online for $235 to $300 EACH.  Y'all, that is a SCORE!
wall sconce, oil rubbed bronze, edison bulb, gallery wall, Robert Abbey, vintage, light cage,
I added the cage shades from Home Depot for $15 each and Edison bulbs for $8 each.  I think $38 for each light is pretty, darn good. 
wall sconce, oil rubbed bronze, cage light, Robert Abbey, vintage, gallery wall,
The hole left by the sconces we removed was larger than the back plate on my new lights so we added a piece of reclaimed wood behind them.  I left the wood natural to go with the light colored frame on the pencil map and with the arrow (The arrow is made with lath from the walls of the old schoolhouse.).
gallery wall, map, vintage, schoolhouse, lighting, oil rubbed bronze, arrow, lath, pencil map, school map, decor,
My gallery wall puzzle came together and makes me smile.


  1. LOVE!!!!! I am totally coveting the lights :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you--me too! When I looked them up online I was shocked at their original price!

  3. Your wall is beautiful Becky! Love the lights. I wish I had a long open wall like that, you can do so much with space :) Enjoy decorating your new home.

    1. Thanks Susan! I didn't have a wall like this in my old home so I am having fun!

  4. Gorgeous. I love it and the lights are perfect too.

  5. I love your gallery wall items and placement!

    1. Thanks Carlene--I wanted to add more, but decide this was enough!

  6. Fabulous are so clever! Wonderful wall.

  7. Love the wall and lights. Great job!

  8. Great puzzle builder you are! Looks fantastic… and YES, the lights! oh my. :)

    1. Thank you Nina. Something about finding out their original price that makes me love them even more!

  9. Yeah, the lights caught my eyes first, and then the "L's"... actually, I saw "LO" everywhere and was sitting here trying to figure that out!! Excellent wall!

  10. Yes. Loving the lights! The wall is awesome. Well done!


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