Friday, May 20, 2016

Vintage Farmhouse Stool

Oh, the ones that you have to let go...

That is how I feel about this vintage stool with a farmhouse feel.
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Except is started life more as a diner style stool with a burgundy vinyl seat cover. (It had a permanent ring or circle, and it was ripped on the edges, but no this badly.  I almost forgot the before picture.) I found this at a fun thrift store in another town.  
vintage stool, before and after, farmhouse,
I took off the vinyl with the idea of recovering the seat. But, then I saw the metal seat and knew paint in the shade of Laurentien from Fusion Mineral Paint would give this stool the perfect farmhouse vibe. 
farmhouse, vintage, stool, chrome stool, mineral paint, rust,
After a couple coats of the paint (painted in opposite directions to make it look like it was painted years ago), I lightly sanded the edges and top to expose some of the metal.  Then I used Minwax Polyacrylic to give it a shiny finish.  The polyacrclic is not necessarily recommended for use with chalk and mineral paints, especially on metal.  Because I am never one to follow the rules, I do use it and when used over metal, it rusts, in the most loveliest of ways.
farmhouse, stool, vintage, rust, minwax, Polyacrylic,
Sweet little speckles of rust, just enough to age it.
stool, farmhouse, rust, vintage, mineral paint, fusion, diner stool, before and after,
These old stools are often wobbly, but this one is sturdy with the most lovely chrome legs.
farmhouse style, vintage stool, rusty, metal stool, kitchen,
As much as I love her, and as sweet as she looks sitting in my library, I did take this farmhouse stool to my booth to sell...sigh.
farmhouse, kitchen, stool, metal stool, rust, vintage, Fusion Mineral Paint,


  1. I would have done the same thing~looks amazing!! Great find!!

  2. I'm going to have to keep my eye out for these as I rummage here and there. We're going to be downsizing in the near future and I was thinking a bar in the kitchen instead of a table this time around.

    Love what you did looks great!

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  3. Now that's the cutest little stool ever! Love it! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. What a great stool. I don't think I could have parted with it. :D Thanks for sharing, Cynthia

  5. Great find and paint job-Love it Becky! Beautiful color too...I have not tried Fusion Mineral Paint yet…will need to get me some!!! :)

  6. Somebody is going to snap that up real quick. Love it!


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