Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Reclaimed Wood Log Cabin Square

I was asked to put a small collection of things in a small. local gallery.  I decide to create a few new things (new to me anyway).  One was this 14"x14" log cabin square made with reclaimed lath from our 1931 schoolhouse.
reclaimed wood, log cabin, art, wood lath, old schoolhouse, DIY,

I started by cutting a square piece from the lath and then adding the pieces around it.  I glued the pieces to a piece of plywood, used the nail gun to secure each piece, and then cut the plywood to the correct size.
log cabin square, reclaimed wood, lath, old schoolhouse, art, on the wall, minwax stain,
I painted to lath pieces and then heavily sanded them.
reclaimed wood, log cabin, salvaged wood art, lath,
I added a frame with more lath and then stained all of it.  It is a fun, art piece--great on a wall, windowsill, or a small easel.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, yes I love it. Sadly, my supply is dwindling!

  2. congratulations on being asked to show in a gallery. love how the lathe pieces show age and character. great piece. sharon

    1. Thank you Sharon! Yes, I love the lath and the fact that it came from my 1931 schoolhouse.

  3. It looks fantastic. What an ingenious piece of art.

  4. I am a quilter and I LOOOOOVE this!!! fantastic!

  5. I just saw Betsy share this project on FB. I missed it I guess. I love it!


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