Monday, May 16, 2016

French Linen Table

I am moving merchandise and working hard to keep up with supply and demand--which is a great problem to have.  But, it means sometimes I need quick and easy projects that require very little attention.  
fusion mineral paint. french linen, paint, upcycled, table,

So, when I was given this little table, I knew a paint job with Fusion Mineral Paint would quickly transform it.  It was painted a glossy black and is made from pine and plywood--nothing fancy.  I used Algonquin to paint over the black.
side table, Fusion Mineral Paint, French linen, paint it,
This paint dries so quickly, I just love it!  I taped off some stripes to look like a French linen flour sack and painted the stripes with Casement.
side table, fusion mineral paint, french linen, paint,
I sanded the edges a little so a bit of black peeks through. Simple and updated--isn't paint grand?
Table, upcycled, french linen, fusion mineral paint,


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