Monday, June 20, 2016

Montana Bison

If you watch the news at all, you probably saw a month or so ago the man who put the baby bison in his car at Yellowstone Park because he thought the bison looked cold. 

It was quite the news here since Yellowstone is so close by.   Fun fact: BISON live in North America--BUFFALO live in Asia and Africa.  After this happened, I decided I need to paint some bison signs. My favorite is this one I made using Matthew Mead's Copper Fusion Mineral Paint. 
pallet sign, Montana, bison, copper paint, fusion mineral paint,

After putting together the sign from pallets, I stained the wood a dark walnut color to make the copper paint pop.
bison, pallets, copper paint, montana, rustic,
The copper seems fitting since copper was mined in Montana. 
pallets, rustic decor, cabin decor, fusion mineral paint,
I also made one that I painted Yellowstone on rather than Montana.  I let folks know that THIS Yellowstone bison was okay to put in the car.


  1. I love that you shared such an interesting story about the bison and then made such a great sign with a bison. I just started using Fusion paint, love it too.

  2. Until now had no idea Matthew Mead made Fusion paint. Some day would like to get couple trial size containers if he sells them in that size.
    Your Bison sign is wonderful, love the copper paint on dark back ground, did such awesome job on it. We used to live in MT and sure do wish we still did. Of all places we've lived MT is where I feel I belong. The people are so real there, none of attitudes experienced in other parts of country we've lived.
    We lived 24 miles east of Townsend a about 32 miles south of Helena. Had 20+ acres out on prairie adjacent to south side of Canyon Ferry Lake
    I miss so many things about MT, is still greatest place to me. If we could have what we had when we lived there before would go back in heart beat. Haven't gotten to visit since we left in April/99. Moved there from San Diego in May/1992. If have told you this before sorry.
    I hope before we get too old we'll get to go for visit.
    Have you always lived there? Have wonderful week

    1. What a fantastic place you lived--love it around the lake. I always look for a little plot of land around Canyon Ferry that we can afford. I lived in Stockton, CA until I was 14 when my family moved to Billings. Hubby and kids and I have lived in the Gallatin Valley for 24 years. The metallic paints are available in the smaller sizes. Have a great day!

  3. Your bison is lovely. I have seen them in Yellowstone, magnificent and huge creatures.


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