Thursday, June 9, 2016

Picnic Time

When the antique place where I have a booth decided to rent out the front display area a month at a time for a low fee, I didn't need to be smarter than the average bear to say, "Yes, please!"

I chose June because it is always a BIG sales month (we are located on the route to West Yellowstone) and I decided on a picnic theme.
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I had fun putting this together, collecting picnic baskets and other vintage goodies, 
vintage picnic, vintage tins, red and white decor, antiques, cakestand, tea towel,
keeping the color scheme mainly red and yellow (inspired by this fun corn cob fabric I found at the thrifts tore and sewed together to make a table cloth).
Yellowstone, picnic, vintage display, croquet, pallet wood, vintage tin, tablecloth, picnic table, summer,
I used a copyright free vintage picnic picture and using an engineers print, decoupaged it to old fence boards to create fun, picnic themed wall decor.
vintage, picnic, display, engineer print, decoupage, pallets, black and white photo, picnic basket,
I cut a watermelon shaped piece from plywood and painted up a vintage inspired sign.  It is not perfect--which I love because it looks like some farmer (or farmer's wife) made it for their roadside produce sign.
vintage sign, watermelon, produce sign, DIY, picnic, display, summer ideas,
And of course the space needed a picnic area sign!
picnic sign, reclaimed wood, vintage sign, paint, stain,
I had fun putting this together and I continue to add more to it as several items have sold already!  
picnic display, vintage, pallet table, picnic basket, antiques, black and white photo, vintage sign,
Time to build another kid's pallet picnic table...
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  1. Cute, cute stuff. I have a few watermelon pieces in my kitchen. I need that sign. Happy selling Becky.

  2. Becky what an adorable display for summer I love it, I adore the photo print, ties everything together perfectly.

    1. Thank you! The photo definitely helped create the vintage vibe!

  3. cute stuff indeed Becky. That's awesome that you can do that extra stuff in the front with a theme!



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