Monday, September 26, 2016

Reclaimed Wood Crate

Sometimes a girl just needs to do something simple...

like make this long crate/candlebox--a quick (20 minutes!) and easy project.
crate, reclaimed boards, candle box, centerpiece, fall decor,
I cut three cedar fence boards the same length (about 26")--2 for the sides and one for the bottom. Attach the sides to the bottom board with screws.
salvaged wood, fence board, crate, centerpiece, fall decor,
Then measure the end and cut two boards this length.  Attach the ends to the sides with screws.
crate, salvaged, farmhouse, reclaimed wood, fall centerpiece,
Paint and add handles.  I love this for candles on the table, 
crate, fall centerpiece, salvaged wood, fence boards, candlebox,
but this little box is also great to corral clutter on the kitchen counter, for washcloths and lotions in the bathroom, to hold mail and supplies in the office. 


  1. These are fun projects to whip out. Love the distressed paint job.

  2. How did you do the paint job? Looks great

  3. Love this, hope I can make me one for all the way to C'mas d├ęcor.
    You did a great job and love the distressed part specially. Lovely arrangement too, my friend.

  4. Is there anything you can't do Becky? Awesome box for whatever needed at time huh? What is so darned great about containers like that is versatility. Paint jobs pretty incredible also, can't miss with distressed paint job.
    Are you having lovely Fall weather yet? Sure hope so. Am loving ours when it's not raining altho we need moisture here in western CO. It's so gorgeous out today should be ashamed for being in house, cleaning. Hubs even vacuumed our room since our vacuum is so heavy and cumbersome to move around. With shedding dog/cat in house that canister fills up quickly with hair and whatever else.
    Very dusty /dirty out here (live in rural area about 18 miles west of Grand Junction). I could vacuum and dust every day would still have dust everywhere. Love living out here but that is not favorite part of it, lol.
    Have wonderful week

  5. Becky, I love your adorable box! So stinking cute and very versatile for so many things. Thanks for sharing. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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