Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sawhorse Table

When we moved into our old schoolhouse we "inherited" STUFF.  Much of it fabulous, some not so much. Left in quantity (a total of seven) were sawhorses.
farmhouse, sawhorse, coffee table, rustic, repurposed, sidetable, upcycled,
This lonely sawhorse has been hiding in the workshop, gettin' its pile on-- i.e. I piled junk on it.  I pulled it out of the corner and made it into a rustic table. 

rustic, reclaimed wood, barnwood, coffee table, farmhouse,
I left the sawhorse as is, just made it more stable with some extra screws.  I gave it a clear coat of MINWAX Polacrylic to protect and bring out all the subtle nuances of the weather and aged wood. 
upcycled sawhorse, reclaimed wood, salvaged, farmhouse, coffee table,
I made a table top with reclaimed barnwood, joined on the underside ends with a cross board.  (My dog thinks she is a model or prop for my photos.)
sawhorse table, reclaimed wood, repurposed, salvaged table, minwax, barnwood,
I sanded the top well (THIS Milwaukee random orbital sander is my sander of choice, btw) and then attached it the sawhorse.
sawhorse, table, reclaimed wood, salvaged wood, barnwood, upcycled, repurposed,
A few coats of the polyacrylic finished the table.  It is a taller coffee table, but I like the height for using it as a table to set your coffee or dinner (What? Yes, I might eat at the coffee table from time to time...).  It also could be used a side table. 
salvaged table, upcycled sawhorse, reclaimed wood, coffee table,


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    1. Thanks Linda, one of those really quick and easy pieces--my favorite kind!

  2. I love this! The taller table will be nice for playing board games. I do that a lot with my grandkids! Nice table. Love you blog!


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