Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday Verses

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Happy Sunday! On our trip to the redwoods this summer, my husband wanted to know why I was taking pictures of the fallen trees. I told him I thought that the splintered, broken wood was interesting and pretty. Later, we saw awesome objects and carvings made from the fallen trees. God looks at us, at our brokenness, the same way. He finds beauty in our broken spirits--not because he is happy to see us hurting, but because he knows he can work with our shattered lives and shape them into something new and different and beautiful. God does not require or even want us to come to him perfect and whole, He simply wants our fragmented beings because it is in our raggedness that He works--He restores, and changes, and creates something new. This week, come to God, mess that you are, and let Him heal and work!

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