Monday, November 21, 2016

12 Days of Christmas, Day 6, Window Words

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I just love when friends and family keep their eyes open for junk for me.  Such was the case with this window that my father-in-law spotted and grabbed for me (actually 3 of them). 
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I loved that they were painted red.  

If you don't have a sweet father-in-law picking junk for you, look at your local antique stores, Habitat Restore, or in the free ads for an old window.  
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I chose to paint NOEL on this since it worked well with the 4 panes.  You could do peace or believe in a larger paned window.  I printed NOEL out in mirror (and greyscale to save on ink) and after cleaning the window well with vinegar, taped the letters upside down to the front of the window panes.  
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This is what it looks like from the back of the window.
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I then used Fusion Mineral Paint's Fort York Red (the perfect Christmas red!) and a small flat brush to paint the letters on the back of the glass.  I did two thin coats.
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That is all!  A little picture hanging wire, and a few fresh pine branches from our Norfolk pine and I have a simple decoration perfect the porch.
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Keep in mind the color of wall or siding that you will be hanging your window against when you decide what color paint you will you use to paint your word--white looks fantastic against a darker color wall.
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I will be showing the entire porch in a week or so--still working on projects...
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