Monday, November 28, 2016

12 Days of Christmas, Day 7, Pallet Tree Crate

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I shared last year that the previous year BEFORE we bought a home with 12 foot ceilings, we bought a new 7 1/2' Christmas tree.  Last year I set the tree on an adorable wagon (SEE IT HERE) , but this year I am using the wagon on the front porch.

I decided to build a crate for our tree this year.
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Believe it or not, this is pallet wood.  Some pallets have sheets of plywood on one side.
Often the plywood is very cheap and in bad shape.  But, from time to time I do find nice sheets of it.  The crate was made from one of these.
Christmas tree stand, pallet wood, raised tree, DIY, fusion mineral paint, old sign stencils,
I liked that it was weathered on one side and had some horizontal lines (from the pallet boards) on it.  I cut four 22"x 18" pieces for the sides.
pallet wood, tree stand, Christmas tree stand,
I joined them together with pallet 4"x 4"s cut 13" tall.  These provided a place to set the shelf or "bottom" of the crate.  I used an MDF board we had for this.  I didn't secure it to the 4"x 4" because I thought it might be easier to store.
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I then used Fusion Mineral Paint in Fort York Red and Old Sign Stencils to make it feel like an authentic crate from a tree farm.
stencils, fusion mineral paint, crate,
I used the APPLE FARM stencil to create the Tree Farm stamp on the front.  I partially stenciled the PLE from apple, and then overlayed the E to fill in the L and the R from farm. I turned the stencil upside down and used the L to make the T, flipping it to form the top part of the T.
stencils, tree stand, Christmas DIY, crate,
I used some number stencils I have to put a Christmas related number on the crate.
metal handle, crate, tree farm, Pallet wood,
I added handles to make it easier to move and to make it look more crate like and clear coated the whole thing to seal the wood.
pallet wood, reclaimed wood, tree crate, stencils,
Coffee sacks help cover the artificial tree stand.
crate, Christmas Tree, pallets, fusion mineral paint,
I also used the you cut tree stencil with the apple farm stencil.  
crate, pallets, Christmas tree, raised tree, stencils,
I stenciled each side a little differently. 
crate, pallets, Christmas tree,
This is such an easy way to lift up a tree and I love the rustic feel of it. 
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