Friday, November 18, 2016

Young Guys Gift Guide

Is anyone harder to shop for than young men?  I have two young adult male children, and while I love them to pieces, shopping for them is always a challenge. 

And since I struggle with shopping for them, I thought you might too, so I decided to share 10 ideas that have been proven winners for young men!
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This Monkey pocket multi-tool (it fits in the wallet!) makes a wonderful stocking stuffer.  I know my guys have used theirs on multiple occasions
Nothing like a little music in the shower to get the morning going. This Soundbot Blue Tooth speaker allows your guy to listen to his favorite tunes.
Both of my boys requested a set of nice glasses when they moved out on their own.  Pub glasses work great for the milk mom thinks they are drinking, and the beer they are most likely drinking.
When my guys lived at home and mom bought their socks, they had no problem wearing them everywhere and wearing them out.  Now that they have to buy their own socks, a pair of easy slip-on Slippers make a nice gift.
Something about drinking coffee that makes a young adult feel grown-up. An inexpensive espresso maker is always welcomed.
Playing games has always been a fun family activity.  When kids move out on their own I always like to give them some of the classic games to start their own collection.  Now, I am sure they sometimes play drinking versions of these classics, but hey, at least they are doing something non-electronic, haha!
They may be grown up, but a warm blanket or throw is still appreciated.
Whether your young adult guy is married or single, a nice set of knives makes a great gift that will last for years.
My boys love to play cornhole!  Why not get them their own set?
And finally, the Better Homes and Garden Cookbook is the cookbook my mom used, it it the one I use, and it is a wonderful, practical gift to pass on to your young adults. 

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