Friday, January 20, 2017

Wood Stool Makeover with Paint

Some makeovers are just so easy and quick that you know they were meant to be. When I spied this stool for a decent price at the thrift store I knew what it needed to make it fresh and new.

before photo of a cute wood stool from the thrift store
Some of the wood finish was already coming off.  The rest of it was pretty glossy so I gave it a very quick sanding (like a less than 2 minute sanding). I then wiped it down with white vinegar.
Fusion Mineral Paint transforms a thrift store wood stool
I chose to use Casement, which is a great, bright white paint from Fusion Mineral Paint.

This paint is so lovely.  It goes on smooth, not thick and chunky.  It dries quickly. As a matter of fact, I was able to paint a second coat just as soon as I finished the first. AND I used maybe 1/6 of a pint of paint to do two light coats, which is all this needed.

White paint from Fusion Mineral Paint transforms a small bench

It has ZERO VOC's--not low VOC's like other chalk and mineral paints--ZERO!  It has a built in finish--no labor intensive waxing necessary. 
cute stool from the thrift store gets a paint makeover
I love all of the colors it comes in--no having to buy three cans of paint to mix to get a color you want because Fusion probably already has it.  And yes, I receive free Fusion Mineral Paint, but I promise, these opinions are all mine.  I have used many different types of chalk and mineral paint and this one is by far my favorite.  I wouldn't continue to use it if I didn't love it!
transform a wood stool from the thrift store with Fusion Mineral Paint
When you can makeover a cutie-pie (I love the ends of this piece) stool/small bench/ side table from the thrift store in less than an hour, it is a good thing!
Chalk paint upcycles an old wood bench from the thrift store


  1. It's transformed! I always love finding little benches and stools, too!

    1. Thanks, I loved the sides on this one and it priced decently, which doesn't always happen at the thrift store!

  2. Not run of the mill by a long shot. It's so cool. Love it Becky.

    1. Thank you Deb, I really liked it too and it was solid, didn't need any repair!

  3. Choice of white - so perfect for that little stool. Can tell from photo how well paint goes on, love that.
    Would like to try that paint some day when am not paying medical bills. Humana changed things when they were bought out, charged for more things than they had previously.
    Glad you get paint for expressing opinion about it, trust your opinion.
    We used to make little stools/benches very similar to yours. Still have nice size one perfect for sitting on to take shoes off/put on, were one of our best sellers in MT besides my little country signs.
    Was hard to sell anything in KY, first they pick things apart, argue about how it's made, insult it, then want it for practically nothing. Hopefully that was true just in our area around Bowling Green. Got tired of paying fees for craft shows and not selling. We did really well at Fort Benton, MT when we went there, nice town.
    People here (Grand Junction, CO) don't like distressed, don't like so many things, got tired of working butts off for nothing. Finally decided to quit trying to sell but have shed full of items hubs made, he won't make any more to sell. Can hardly get him to make anything for me anymore, doggoned it.
    Love your little stool, makes me want to try to sell them again if hubs would make some this Spring. Still have few he made for me, so handy for many ideas.
    Happy Sunday.

    1. Yes, little stools always sell well here. Selling stuff is definitely a tough "game". There has to be a balance between making it affordable for folks who don't have a trust fund ;) and not giving it away. After making and selling for 16 years I still am never sure what will sell and what won't!


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