Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hand Painted Signs and Etsy Shop

After four, yes 4 years, I decided to open my etsy shop again.
hand painted signs on reclaimed wood for sale at etsy

I have been having so much fun painting small signs on reclaimed wood.  I keep painting and painting... 

Peace love and coffee sign hand painted on reclaimed wood
and decided I better start selling some of my signs.  

Here are a few of them:
Saved by grace inspirational sign hand painted on barn wood

Love and Arrows sign hand painted on barn wood


  1. These are great - Congrats!! I'm curious though do you find shipping to run almost as much as what you're selling and does that have an impact on your sales?

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

    1. Thanks Carole! Shipping is outrageous and frustrating. I definitely will not be making any money on shipping as I kept it fairly low and will lose some of my profit to it. I tried to figure that all in to my prices, but we will see. I did the flat rate shipping in the past, but it is too expensive so won't do that this time around!

  2. Love your handmade signs Becky. Where do you find your pallets around Bozeman? Do you live in Bozeman or out of town little ways on some land? We lived 24 miles east of Townsend on 20 acres off south side of Canyon Ferry Lake.
    From what I understand the orthopaedic surgeon who replaced both my knees went to live/work in Bozeman. When I went for my appointments we would talk about MT as much as we did my knees. His name is Michael Dalecki not sure of spelling any more.
    Understand from an old neighbor where we lived east of Townsend, has been really cold there and lots of snow. Used to love going to mall in Bozeman. Still miss MT so much, even at 76 would still love to move back but we wouldn't have what we'd had, such a special incredible place. Got to see pretty much all of MT when hubs driving truck, miss those open spaces, just no place else like MT. Guess am a country girl.
    Hope you had great holidays and Happy New Year to you and yours. If you get a chance send me an email, would love to hear from you and about where you live. Was cause of your blog we got into making things with pallet wood.
    It's a shame shipping has gotten so darned expensive, sure curtails some out of area sales doesn't it?
    Have great weekend.


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