Monday, June 5, 2017

How to Make More Time in Your Day

ways to get more out of life

Y'all, I totally missed MORE Monday post last week and didn't even realize it. Memorial Day played a roll in my forgetting, but so did the fact that I have felt very busy and short on time.
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But, as the saying goes, we all have the same 24 hours in a day, how we CHOOSE to use it is what matters.

And I know I have some wasted time each day--more some days than other, and some wasted time that is out of my control and a lot that I can control.

First, we have to know what why we want more time.  Do you want more time with you kids or spouse, more time to do something you love, more time to relax?  I believe if we don't know WHY we are doing something, it will never be a priority and trying to find more time will be meaningless.

Next, we need to really examine and identify those areas in our life where we are simply wasting time.  Maybe it is your morning routine and you could simplify your getting ready time.  Or, perhaps you waste time planning meals just a day at a time, resulting in several trips to the grocery store. And I KNOW most of waste too much time on social media--set a timer and end your screen time when it dings!

Others of us need to be given permission to say no. We do not need to volunteer for everything, say yes to every person that asks, even for the good things. And NO harboring guilt because you said NO allowed.  Successful folks know how to say no to those things that simply do not fit and only say yes to the things they are passionate about.
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So, this week let's look at finding more time for the things that we want more time for.  Let's work at being efficient and seeing time as precious, too precious to waste and too special to use carelessly. Print out the FREE worksheet HERE and let me know what YOU are working on.  Have a great day! 

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  1. Am sure I waste time every day. Don't have a job so feel at this point in my life is ok to do what feels right at the time, not plan, am not a planner..I sleep in if needed, do what I want, usually a house chore as soon as I get up. I raised 4 kids, worked for years, into my 60's..Can't work now due to health concerns like losing my hearing and debilitating arthritis. Am almost 77 so do what I need to around house, craft, other house hold chores, so guess your very helpful post not for me. Glad am past point of needing it.
    Can sure see how it would have helped me when younger, with 4 kids still at home as sounds like will help many younger women. Time is a touchy subject for many women, there's never enuf of it. When do they have time for themselves let alone their husband? Great topic, helpful to many who need it. Hey don't get wrong impression, not knocking it, been there, done that. Appreciate you taking time to help people who need it.
    Enjoy rest of week


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