Thursday, March 1, 2018

Update a Thrift Store Basket with Paint

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Spring is springing, well sort of. While it is still snowing here in Montana, and we are experiencing colder than normal temps, the calendar has turned to March--the month that signals the HOPE of warmer days, some day, probably not until June...

But, with Easter being a month away, it is time to start decorating for spring and baskets are a perfect way to bring a touch of spring into your home.

Upcycle Thrift Store Baskets with Paint for Spring

Baskets are plentiful at thrift stores. Be careful to not pay too much as some thrift stores around here think they are worth more than their plentiful existence suggests. I started with a great, older, split-wood basket. 

I wiped the basket with white vinegar to clean off anything that might be on it, and then chose three colors of paint I wanted to use: aqua, moss green, and cream.  You will also need a fourth paintbrush to blend paint. 
easy DIY ombre paint technique
I painted my three colors, aqua on the bottom, cream in the middle, and moss on top (leaving the very top of the basket natural) and then used my blending brush to soften the lines between the different colors.
use a brush to blend three colors together to update a thrift store basket
Wipe off excess paint from the blending brush so the colors do not get too muddy. Add more color if they do blend too much.When the paint was dry, 
Wipe off Excess Paint so Colors do Not Get Muddied
Be sure to paint the inside too! I sanded it a bit and then stained the basket and finished it with a clear coat.
Update a Thrift Store Basket with Paint for Spring
The soft colors are perfect for spring. 
Update a Thrift Store Basket with Paint for Spring

Oh, and thrift store atlas maps add a perfect touch of spring color with their pink, yellow, green, and aqua colors. Roll them up and tie them with twine for a great display

Easy DIY ombre technique to Update a Thrift Store Basket with Paint for Spring
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easy DIY ombre paint technique to update a thrift store basket for spring


  1. Beautiful update and lovely colors!

    1. Thank you! I am always so ready for some color this time of year!

  2. so not what I expected when I clicked on your blog post today--this is gorgeous!


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