Monday, March 12, 2018

Reclaimed Wood Desk

I have mentioned before that my middle kid is an architect student. He likes to dabble in my workshop every now and then. So, when a friend asked him to build a desk, he did.

desk pieced together with reclaimed wood

beautiful desk made from reclaimed wood

The only parameter was the size. He wanted to do something special, or EXTRA as we call it, and put many hours into it (we won't figure out his hourly rate).

a desk with a pieced wood top
He cut hundreds of 60 degree triangles and pieced them together. He glued them together on their sides at first, which seemed complicated to me, but he wanted a tight fit between the pieces. This whole process took less time than I expected, but still took a few hours.
Pieced Wood Top
He then added the apron edge. He added upholstery tacks in the screw holes around the edge. He secured the whole top to a piece of plywood and built the legs and frame and shelves. Wood filler was used in any cracks.
mission style wood desk
A lot of sanding to make the top smooth and then the desk was finished with Special Walnut stain. I love being inspired by my kids and seeing them create and work on something they love. 💙


  1. That is amazing, Becky! An heirloom piece for your family! The apple sure doesn't fall far from the tree!

  2. That desk is stunning and something that will be kept a long time. Just think when they're 40 and sitting around talking about the time a friend made a desk. Great job.


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