Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday Verses

Inspiring Devotional on Being the Light
Happy Sunday! I recently finished reading the book A Man Called Ove. There are many great quotes and bits of wisdom in the book. One of my favorites is, "You only need one ray of light to chase all the shadows away". I read it as the last bit of sunshine for the day was streaming through the window and my dog was trying to bask in its warmth. What a difference even a small amount of light can make and what a difference one person can make in someone's life. We are called to be light to others. Being a light means we talk with others, share our lives and ourselves, love others. It doesn't have to be elaborate--a considerate word, a phone call or text to check-in on someone, a simple act of kindness. You never know what sharing a little "light" might do for someone.


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