Sunday, December 8, 2019

Sunday Verses

Devotional on Shining Light in Other People's Lives
Happy Sunday! Christmas lights are my very favorite Christmas decoration. Christmas lights on trees symbolize Jesus coming as the light of the world. Jesus is light, light for all. And because he gives us his life freely, we are able to and called to shine in other people's lives. This doesn't have to be hard or overwhelming. Don't try to be the biggest, brightest bulb around, think more of a simple strand of fairy lights. Uncomplicated gestures sometimes shine the brightest. Interact with those placed in your path, encourage people--cheer them on, build relationship, get your hands dirty working along side them, spread joy. This season when we see so many lovely lights, let them remind you of the Light of the World and the life he gives us so that we can shine love in other's lives.

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