Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2020 Tag

Well, well, well...

I had a lovely, relaxing Christmas break. So relaxing as a matter of fact that I never finished my 12 Days of Christmas. Guess what? I am going to finish them and get a jump start on next year! How nice will it be to open my Christmas boxes in 2020 and see some fresh decor items? Got a little more Christmas crafting in you?

Today's quick project would really be Day 12 and I would have shared it weeks ago if I was on top of things. But, we have established I was not this year, so here is my 8th project for my 12 Days of Christmas Projects.
stencil a tag for the new year

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Again, if you followed along you know that I chose to use TWO of Funky Junks Old Sign Stencils for all of my projects and today's New Year idea is no exception. I love how versatile these stencils are, what high quality they are, and how darn cute they are. PLEASE NOTE--when you visit  OLD SIGN STENCILS the price you see is in Canadian and translates to less in US.
I started with the Christmas BINGO stencil and some old calendar pages (as in 18 years old!). I cut a rectangle from the mahjong calendar picture and stenciled the 2020 from the BINGO stencil.
Old Sign Stencils
When the paint was dry, I modpodged the 2020 to a wood "tag" or rectangle that I had painted black. You can buy wood tags, or attach it to cardstock. I did sand the edges before adhering the 2020 tag. I drilled a hole for string.
mod podge project
This is a cute way to give a bottle of champagne to someone,
Happy New Year Project
but is also perfect tied to some old, decorative luggage or hanging from a kitchen cupboard knob to remind yourself that it is a new year and you have new plans and goals.
Happy New Year Project
Happy 2020!!

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  1. Ha! This is SO clever! Never would I have thought of the perfect 2020 right in our neck of the woods! Brilliant! Now where can I put one...

    Love the card stock touch too!


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