Wednesday, January 1, 2020

How to Create a Chippy Farmhouse Finish on Thrift Store Tins

Happy New Year! This is not a typical new year post--I am not sharing my word for the year or my resolutions, but rather a Christmas project. 

If you are confused, see my previous post below. ↴

Honestly, finishing up my 12 days of Christmas posts does actually work with my business goals for 2020: to finish what I start and to blog more. 
How to Create a Chippy Farmhouse Finish on Thrift Store Tins

Today, I am showing you how to get a really authentic, chippy, aged finish on thrift store tins to make a cute, farmhouse style candy cane holder.

thrift store find before
Please note--although I love a finish that looks like it really is old, I would never try to pass off something new as something old when selling it. I started with this ↑ reproduction tin from the thrift store.
Throw Thrift store tins in the fire to age them
I threw it in my wood stove and left it for about 30 minutes. In the summer, I take tins outside to our bonfire pit to age. After it has cooled, I wipe the tin down with a rag. they all turn out a little differently.
how to make new tins look old
I then used some white house paint and painted the tin sparsely. When the paint was dry, I put the tin in a bucket of hydrogen peroxide and salt to give it a rusty look. When I take it out of the rusting solution I pat it dry and then spray with a clear coat.

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Next, I used the CHRISTMAS CRATES stencil from OLD SIGN STENCILS  to stencil the tare weight 3 candy canes stencil on the bottom of the can with black paint.
Old sign stencils christmas crates
When it was all dry, I washed out the inside and then clear coated it. A little black and white kitchen twine finished the farmhouse look.
How to Create a Chippy Farmhouse Finish on Thrift Store Tins
Even though Christmas is over, this candy cane holder will stay out on my hot cocoa tray or the winter.
Hot Cocoa Station

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  1. What an adorable idea! And you are absolutely right, this is something that can be left out all winter. ON IT!


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