Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sunday Verses

devotional about opening up our hands to God
Happy Sunday! I recently saw a poster that said: Relax your Shoulders, Unclench your Fists, and Breathe. It stuck with me and made me wonder, how often do we go through life with clenched fists? We clench our fists (and jaws) when we are angry or stressed, when we disagree, when we hold tightly to the things we cherish--our marriages, our families, our finances, in grasping to our ideals and beliefs, in holding on to our grudges and grievances. This year I am working on opening up my clenched fists--opening them to God, unfolding them in prayer, surrendering those things I have held on too tightly to for too long, spreading my fingers to reach out to and help others. Want to join me? I am starting with prayer--open hands turned up toward God, resting, breathing, listening for what Jesus wants to put in my hands.

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