Sunday, April 4, 2021

Sunday Verses

Choose to Love Above All Else
Happy Sunday and Happy Easter! I have reached that stage and age of life when I consider all of the other professions that I might have also enjoyed had I just realized it in my early twenties what I loved. One of those careers I now know I would have enjoyed was that of a botanist or arborist. I love trees and have been learning more about them. Did you know that trees help each other out, move, feed, and shelter each other? On one of our favorite walks there are numerous examples of a cedar and a white pine growing together. Two completely different species of trees happily sharing the same space, supporting and helping each other thrive, not competing. Jesus came to teach us about love and how to love each other above everything else. Jesus ALWAYS chose love and people before doctrine, before law, above differences and above sin. If we do not learn to love like God does, loving and helping people before worrying about differences and doctrine, we will not grow and thrive. Love first, love wholly, love without reserve and rules.

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