Sunday, April 25, 2021

Sunday Verses

They Will Know Us by Our Love
Happy Sunday! I love looking for signs of spring on our daily walks--trees budding, grass getting greener, ducklings swimming, flowers blooming. I know the long, cold winter is over because I can clearly see the signs. As a kid one of my favorite church camp songs was "they will know we are Christians by our love". The actions and words of people who know and love Jesus sadly are the very things that keep many people from wanting a relationship with Jesus. People are not seeing signs of love that match up with our proclamations of it.  When words and actions do not match, are inconsistent, it is hard for people to see or to want any part of that kind of love. Loving Jesus does not mean we are perfect and that we will not fail to demonstrate his unconditional love. But, it does mean we must try. Our every day actions must communicate the kind of love that we see in Jesus's actions--non-judgmental, inclusive, peaceful, life giving love. Will they know Jesus by our love?

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