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Thrifty Thursday Boho Spring Vignette

Thrift Store Decor for Spring
Well, winter let us know that she was certainly not ready to leave this week. We got snow and it was below zero every night, 27 below zero yesterday morning. BUT, I am ready for spring so I decided to bring some into my home with a spring vignette created with thrift store finds.
How to Create a Boho Spring Vignette with Thrift Store Finds
I used a bit of this and a bit of that to create a happy, interesting, boho, spring vignette.
Boho Spring Vignette
Keep reading to see how you can create your own spring vignette that fits your style. I give you lots of ideas on what to look for and how to personalize it.
The inspiration for my color scheme came from a vintage barkcloth fabric piece. I found two of these at the thrift store. I thought they were curtains, but they are hemmed like a tablecloth. I liked the, funky pattern and the fresh, springy colors. I thought I might cut a square to place in the tray, but since I am using this vignette on my dining table, I decided to use it on an angle as a tablecloth.
Vintage Barkcloth
If you are creating a vignette, decide on your feel and color scheme first. Farmhouse your style? Use muslin, burlap, an old flour sack. For a vintage, shabby look use a white lace table cloth or a floral tablecloth. For a lodge or cabin style use something green so that it is still springy, but still matches a cabin style.

I wanted a boho, eclectic look so I chose items that had a lot of different textures with an organic look. I decide to use a wire tray I had as my base. It really can work with any style. You can use wood, a tarnished silver platter, a cutting board, a tray painted am appropriate color for your decor.
wire tray vignette
Once you have a base or tray, it is time to hut and gather your items to create your spring vignette. Start with some small, old, fabric covered books that are in your color scheme. I found two green and two pink books. I ended up using three of the books. 
Add Old books to a Vignette
I love this Joan Walsh Anglund book. I loved them as a kid and would often try to draw like her.
Joan Walsh Anglund book
You want some height in your vignette--either a candlestick or a vase. I chose this rattan vase from the thrift store. The pink is a perfect match to the pink in the barkcloth. Use a wood vase or chunky wood candlestick for a cabin look, a tarnished silver candlestick for a shabby chic feel, a white pitcher for farmhouse style, a floral vase for a vintage look.
Boho Rattan Vase
I stuffed plastic bags in it and then used some dogwood branches from my yard. Their burgandy color matched that color in the barkcloth. The branches add more height and color contrast. You could use pampas crass, Forsythe branches, pussy willow twigs, pine branches, cotton stems.
create a spring floral display
I found and bought this wagon wheel at the thrift store a few weeks ago. Even though the wheel is not an authentic wagon wheel, I did buy it for the wheel to repurpose into a light (I think). It was a bonus that is came with a wreath that had nice looking fake flowers (lavender?) on it. As I Have told you, I don't love fake flowers, but I do use some. They have to be simple and good looking, not silk, and made well. 
wagon wheel with wreath
I have several flower stems and added them to the rattan vase, working around the vase to add the color in the branches. I am not typically a purple person, but these matched the barkcloth nicely. This is the place to add color, use what works for you.  But, small white flowered branches are perfect for lots of styles too. 
Fake Lavender floral stems
I took two of the stems and wrapped them in green jute (from the thrift store) and placed them on top of the three books. The dark green jute isn't a perfect match, but I still liked it.
wrap jute around floral stems
You want something sitting on top of your book stack. You could use anything, just keep with your theme. Old wood kitchen tools for a farmhouse theme, a candle sitting on a floral dish for a shabby chic look, pinecones a tin cup for a cabin theme, or more of your florals like I did.
How to Create a Boho Spring Vignette with Thrift Store Finds
I wanted to use a wood garland to add more texture and to create a visual line to follow.
Spring Wood Garland and Tassel
 I used wood beads from a foot massager. I made a garland with the rest of the beads that I shared HERE. I used some round wood beads too, these are the only item in this vignette that aren't from a thrift store. I divided the foot massager beads into thirds and painted 1/3 green, 1/3 salmon pink, and left 1/3 natural.
paint wood beads
I added a green jute tassel. I made this on the Pink Joan Walsh Anglund book. A wood bead garland is definitely a boho look. But, a black and white one would work well in a farmhouse vignette. You could use a string of white pom-poms in a shabby chic display, a thin leather belt or braided leather or rope for a lodge style. Instead of a tassel at the end, you can use a bell, a wood spool, a small metal orb.
Make a Tassel
I wanted another element. I like to add interactive elements to my vignettes--something for guests to pick up and look at. I decided to use a couple thrift store wood bowls that I stacked--the wood added another natural element, with small black and white photos in it. These photos are from a childhood visit to the Winchester Mystery House in California. I was only seven at the time, but I still remember parts of the house, especially the short stairs on the staircases. These were souvenir photos that came in a little small folder and are in one of my childhood scrapbooks. They will return there when I am don using them in my spring vignette, but until then, they are something interesting look at. 
Winchester Mystery House Photos
Other interactive items could include small metal "puzzles" in a bowl, books that guests may want to read and look at, puzzles pieces to a small puzzle (think 50 piece puzzle), family photos, scrabble tiles, magnetic poetry words, or wrapped treats because nibbling something yummy is always enjoyed by guests.
How to Create a Boho Spring Vignette with Thrift Store Finds
Vignettes like this are fantastic displays on dining tables, bookshelves, coffee tables, even sitting on a stool. Have fun hunting for items and create something that is personal and that makes you smile when you see it. 

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