Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Fresh Spring Porch Decor

It's March first and I've got to tell you, that brings me a bit of hope that warmer days are ahead. Actually, today it is very warm and spring like and it is 83 degrees warmer than it was last Wednesday! I decided it was definitely time for some spring decorating on my front, covered porch.

I started with making a couple fresh, boho styled, front door "wreaths". 
Make a boho spring wreath
These are very easy to make and only take about ten minutes each to create. A branch, some fake flowers, jute, floral wire, and a few wood beads are all you need.
Make a Boho Spring Wreath
I shared these faux lavender(?) flowers last week in the post below. They are from the thrift store. Use whatever flowers you like and that fit your style. I like the simplicity of these and the papery flowers. I wired them on one end of a 20" branch from my yard. You could use a dowel, a wood hanger, a piece of galvanized or copper pipe. I used floral wire and three o the faux stems.
I then tied a 5 foot piece of green jute to one end of the branch. On the end with the flowers I kept the tail from the knot long.
green jute on a spring wreath
I strung six wood beads onto the jute and then tied it to the other end and cut off the excess string after the knot.
add wood beads to jute
I added three more jute strings on the end with the flowers, leaving the tails different lengths.
Fresh Spring Porch Decor
I looped the top of the jute and hug two of these boho spring "wreaths" on my front doors.
Fresh Spring Porch Decor
They are fresh and something different from a typical wreath. The pop of purple adds a bit of spring and color to my porch.
Fresh Spring Porch Decor
In the corner on my old, green, wood wagon I hung the tool belt wall hanging that I shared at Christmas (HERE) on the propped picket fence.
Fresh Spring Porch Decor
I added a couple old, rusty, garden tools to the tool belt. A grapevine rabbit and a vintage, metal, lilac candy box (both from the thrift store) add a bit more color and texture to my spring front porch decor.
grapevine rabbit
In the other corner of the porch I placed a bentwood, caned chair from the thrift store. This is going to get a repair and update in the future, but until then I liked the wood against the white house.
Vintage bentwood caned chair
I grabbed the smaller thrift store gold pan I found a few weeks ago and threw some fake eggs in it. I tied some purple embroidery floss and green jute through the hole in the gold pan to incorporate a bit more color.
fake eggs in a gold pan on a spring porch
I am enjoying the spring like weather and am happy to have a bit of fresh color on my front porch. 
Fresh Spring Porch Decor
Have you started decorating for spring yet?

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  1. I had some fun making some little mini terra cotta pots using white pom poms to look like bunny butts sticking up out of the pot "dirt", aka coffee grinds. They are busy digging up 3 little carrots that I made out of paper clay & painted. Pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.


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