Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Stencil a Mid-Century Side Table

Don't you just love it when random items come together? That is what happened with this discarded table base (left by one of our renters), a thrift store wood tray, and Funky Junk Old Sign Stencils newest stencil, RETRO STAR.

Stencil a Mid-Century Side Table
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I knew I had to have this RETRO STAR stencil STAT. I have so many ideas as to where I want to use it. YOU can get it from OLD SIGN STENCILS HERE. The first project I decided to stencil was a wood tray that fit perfectly in this discarded, metal table base to create the perfect mid-century side table.
stencil a mid-century table
I bought that wood tray at the thrift store, not knowing that it fit perfectly inside this table base that was left in our garage by a renter (I am guessing it had a glass top that broke).
Stencil a Mid-Century Side Table
Using gold acrylic paint, I stenciled the Retro Star pattern all over the wood tray. I taped it as needed and curved the stencil up for the lip of the tray.
Retro Star Stencil from Old Sign Stencils
I used some antique gold Rub-n-Buff on the metal table base to tone down the brassy color.  Get Rub-n-Buff HERE.
Stencil a Mid-Century Side Table with Rub-nBuff
I finished the wood tray with some Wise Owl Furniture Salve (you can get it from my friend, Tina, HERE). I used a two part epoxy on the underside of the tray to attach it to the rim of the table base.
Stencil a Mid-Century Side Table
This little sitting spot is in my dining area in my great room. Everything you see has been thrifted (or left in my garage, i.e. the table base)--the chair, the fabric on the chair, the pillow, the items on the table, the beautiful birdcage, and the plant stand it is sitting on. I love all of the textures and the mid-century, boho style. 
thrift store finds


  1. Wow really pretty Becky! I just used it on a painted side table too! It's a very cute stencil and I love what you did with it :)

  2. That turned out great! Love how everything came together. You have a great eye, my friend.

  3. Gasp… adore this so much! The gold is wonderful!!

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