Monday, March 21, 2022

Make it Monday Funky, Eclectic Art for Spring

Easy DIY Project

Okay...I can't decide if I love or hate today's Make It Monday project. I had fun making it and it certainly does what I set out to do--add some funky, brightly colored, abstract art to my spring entryway. The more I looked at is as I edited the photos for this post, it grew on me. It is a bit out of my decorating comfort zone, which I like. I enjoy trying new ideas and new ways to decorate my home.

Make it Monday Funky, Eccentric Art for Spring
I went back to my elementary school days to create this art project. 
Make it Monday Funky, Eccentric Art for Spring
I think we called these blob paintings in school. They are also the type of art that when done in black and white, a therapist might use it to analyze a patient. I started with a approximately 2'x3' piece of dropcloth fabric. I ironed it well, folding it in half so I would have a middle seam. I sprayed a heavy coat of spray starch on the fabric so that it might not absorb the paint so quickly. I didn't want to use gesso because I wanted to iron out the middle seam when the paint was dry.

I picked five colors I liked and started with some blobs of them down the middle. Pick colors that blend well and look good together and that fit your color scheme. I am all about greens and pinks for spring. Make sure you are working on a protected surface as the paint will seep through the fabric.
add blobs of paint
I carefully folded the fabric in half and use a rubber spatula blade to push the paint around. I then opened the fabric up and added more paint. I added paint two times.
add more paint blobs to create an abstract painting
When you have enough paint to cover what you want, carefully open the painting and let it dry.

Next you need something to frame or put you fabric on. You could stretch it over a light colored canvas painting from the thrift store, a piece of plywood, actual canvas stretching bars. I decided to use an old mirror frame I purchased a few (5 or 6??) years ago from the thrift store.
old mirror frame
I was able to remove one side of the mirror frame by removing the corner braces on the back. I stretched my abstract painting (after it was dry and ironed with a press cloth) on the mirror back. My staple gun staples were too long, so I hot glued the fabric painting to the thin wood piece. I then used a heavy coat of MinWax Polyacrylic over the painting to give it more of polished canvas look.
MinWax Polyacrylic
I cleaned up the mirror frame with some Wise Owl Salve and used the angled wood braces on the back of the mirror frame to hold the canvas painting in place.
Make it Monday Funky, Eccentric Art for Spring
This entryway has a fresh and funky look for spring. The garland I shared HERE. I love vintage leather cases, some of them are hanging--they add a lot of texture. I reused the flat basket I used for Christmas and winter with a mirror added to it.
Funky Eccentric Entryway for Spring
To create the basket mirror I hot glued three strings to the back of a craft store mirror.
Basket Mirror
I then tied the strings to the basket. This way it is a temporary decor piece.
Basket Mirror
I like the texture and natural feel the basket mirror adds and the mirror helps to reflect light. Some old books that have the same colors on the bindings that are in the abstract painting help to add more color. The books are held in place with an old, leather-clad camera.
Funky Eccentric Entryway for Spring
The entryway is funky and eccentric. It has antiques, vintage items, and new modern touches like the painting.
Funky Eccentric Entryway for Spring
I like the mix of old and new, the natural and organic textures, and the pop of color that the painting adds. 
Funky Eccentric Entryway for Spring
The painting reminds me of an aerial view of a flower garden or maybe a topiary gone wild. I see butterflies in it, perhaps a few sexual innuendos, and a spring explosion. The old wood frame helps to tie it in with the vintage decor items. I will continue to study it and decide how I feel about the abstract painting. If I decide it is a no for me, I am only out a few dollars and a couple hours of time. Like I said in the beginning, I enjoyed the process and I think I might make a few more of these squish paint artworks.
Funky Eccentric Entryway for Spring
More color is coming to my entryway soon, I will share when it does! Do you think you might try your own abstract artwork?


  1. I think it's cool! I remember doing art projects like this in school. We also used to lay long pieces of string, fold/hold the paper in half and pull the string through to make abstract designs. I see a huge butterfly on the top but right below and center is a slender angel statue.

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