Thursday, April 21, 2022

Thrifty Thursday Wall Bookshelves From Wood Frames

Thrifty Thursday Easy DIY Project
I am excited to share today's extremely easy and quick project made from thrift store finds. It can be completed in about 15 minutes and can be used in so many different spaces and spots. It starts with two wood frames from the thrift store, one 5x7 and one 8x10. Frames are plentiful at thrift stores and I always look through them.
Thrift Store Wood Frames
Attach the frames to the wall for great bookshelves for a small space. I added these to the wall in our sunroom.
Make Easy Wall Bookshelves from Old Frames
Keep reading for the super, duper, easy DIY, including what NOT to do.
You want solid, wood frames. Make sure the corners are sturdy. It is also best to use wood frames that are flat on the edge rather than having a curve or slant. A large shadowbox frame would work well.
Thrift Store Frames Become Bookshelves
I used an 8x10 and a 5x7 frame. In the future I think I will only use 5X7 as the stick out less and you don't need as large of books to fit in them. I though about painting them since I was putting them up on a wood wall, but in the end decided I wanted them to blend in more rather than stand out.
Easy DIY Wall Bookshelves
Hold the frame in the spot and place a book in there to decide where you want the frame. The frames are placed with the back side up or towards the ceiling. Mark placement on the wall.
Easy DIY Wall Bookshelves
Predrill the frame with a countersink bit, drilling into the long side of the frame (not as shown in this picture). If you are not drilling into a stud, be sure to use wall anchor screws. I used three screws in the 8x10 frame and two in the 5x7. The larger frame was not completely flat on the edge so it looked like it was dipping a bit. I added a shim under the frame at the bottom.
Add a Shim
I used 2" screws to secure the frames to the wall. And then voila, fill the frame with books that are tall enough to not slip through and you have a perfect, sturdy, wall bookshelf.
Easy DIY Wall Bookshelves
I hung these in my sunroom that I have previously shared HERE.
Wall Bookshelves in a Sunroom
This really is the coziest spot in the house to sit and read and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. These shelves would be fantastic hanging over a nightstand to keep book clutter off the surface area. They would be nice by a quiet reading chair tucked in a corner or even in a bathroom for the throne readers. The trick to making these work is picking the right frame--remember sturdy wood, strong corners, and straights sides.
Easy DIY Bookshelves from Thrift Store Finds

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