Thursday, April 14, 2022

Thrifty Thursday Wood Cutting Board Wall

Thrift Store Cutting Boards

Wood cutting boards are always an item that I keep a lookout for at the thrift store. 

Stencil a Wood Cutting Board
I look for ones that are not cracked and I tend to like the ones that I have a handle. They often have something cutesy--pigs, cows, sayings on one side. Don't let that keep you from buying them! Wood cutting boards can easily be cleaned up and make a great addition to the kitchen. I have been collecting some to keep and finally decided to hang them up in my kitchen.
Thrifty Thursday Wood Cutting Board Wall
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Thrifty Thursday Wood Cutting Board Wall
I hung these on the side of my refrigerator. I love the warmth that they add, not to mention they are practical and get used often so they are super handy here.
The large barnwood cutting board hanging from the top is our charcuterie board that I made. We use it 4 or so times a year. The other four boards (well, five, the one sitting on the counter too) are all from the thrift store.
Thrifty Thursday Wood Cutting Board Wall
I left the Our Daily Bread cutting board as is, although I did sand and condition the cutting side. I use organic coconut oil to condition all of the boards. The other four I sanded on both sides. I left the yellow band on the two boards that had it. I simply sanded and conditioned the wood on two of the cutting boards. The other two cut an update with a stencil.

I used the STITCHES STENCIL from FUNKY JUNK'S OLD SIGN STENCIL on the one board. I have lots of ideas on how to use this bit of boho stencil. YOU can get the stencil HERE. I used a black acrylic paint and used the coconut oil over it when it was dry.
Stencil a Cutting Board
The wheat on the narrow cutting board comes from the Flour Grain Sack stencil. I shared this cutting board last year HERE. I used small nails to hang the cutting boards. I did not have room for the sixth cutting board so I placed it in the corner with a McCoy vase with copper utensils in it. We are redoing the kitchen this summer--getting rid of the blush pink counters, finally. I painted my cupboards and still love them. You can read all about the cupboard redo HERE. I might repaint the lowers black rather than navy blue, but I love them painted. 
Thrifty Thursday Wood Cutting Board Wall
Keep your eyes open for cutting boards at the thrift store. Clean them up, make them yours, le use them to add natural warmth to your kitchen and to protect your counters when cutting

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  1. I love this idea. So pretty and can still cut on the other side if wanted. Bravo!


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