Thursday, February 18, 2021

Thrift Store Cutting Boards

Thrift Store Finds and Ideas

Last week on Thrifty Thursday I shared a couple wood cutting boards from the thrift store. This week I am sharing how you can easily add a little something to them to make them fresh for your decor.

Thrift Store Cutting Boards
Displaying wood cutting boards helps to warm up an all white kitchen. I love the white subway tile and shiplap in my kitchen, but it can be cold. Using the cutting boards helps to add some texture and color.
Thrift Store Cutting Boards
I made the large charcuterie board in the back for Christmas eve dinner. It was fun to do and yummy! The Give Us This Day is from the thrift store and so is this long, plain wood one.
Thrift Store Cutting Boards
Last week I shared how to clean thrift store cutting boards, check that out here if you missed it. After cleaning it up, I decided I wanted a little something on the back.

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Using Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils Flour Stencil (GET IT HERE), I added a little natural element. I would likt to call it wheat, and I am sure that is what it is, but hubby has celiacs so we are just going to call it a non-gluten plant.
Stencil a Cutting Board with Old Sign Stencils
I roughly chalked the design in first to see if I liked the placement. Remember to dab off more paint than you think.
Thrift Store Cutting Boards
I added a hole in the top handle part of the cutting board and looped a leather strip through it. 
Stencil a Cutting Board
I love the layered look of the different colored wood boards and that for a few dollars and few minutes of stenciling, I could add some warm wood touches to my kitchen.

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  1. I love the stencil design on the long board! You give such good tips. Thanks Becky.


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