Sunday, February 14, 2021

Sunday Verses

Thoughts About Love
Happy Sunday! I am not a big fan of winter or the cold. BUT, I continue to strive to find good things about my least favorite season and to embrace and experience winter in a way that feels okay to me. I see the beauty in winter landscapes, I am trying new to me outdoor activities, and realizing that with enough layers on, I can appreciate this season. Today is Valentine's Day and it is a day filled with a lot of expectations, love, joy, disappointment, and everything in between. In other words, it's a day much like everyday life. Love, winter, life-- they all become what we choose to see them as and are what we make of them. Love looks differently for each of us and even though it is all around us, it comes to us in unique ways. Love is not an agenda, it is not a prescribed way of being or acting, but it is a sharing of ourselves. And in order to share ourselves, to love others, we need to first find some things that we love about ourselves. When we do that, then it doesn't matter how we spend a day devoted to love and romance because we know that it surrounds us. Seek out the good  in each other and let's practice loving ourselves so that we can better love each other.

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