Wednesday, April 22, 2009

CD Storage

There sure are a lot of CD storage pieces out there--at thrift stores and garage sales. I've seen some fun redos with them. Here is one I changed-It originally hung on the wall as a little shelf. I turned it on its back, added some feet (that were chopped off of an old chair), a little 1x2 on the sides and a chair leg as a handle and you have a catchall for magazines, books, knitting supplies, bathroom goodies, etc.
Have you turned a CD storage piece into somethinh else? Let me know and in a couple days I will provide a link to your site. I think Mr. Linky is beyond my computer capabilities??


  1. Very cute. Love the feet and handle!

  2. You are always working the stuff! Great ideas with great execution. I am such a non-doer. ~Mindy

  3. I love it! The things you do are amazing.


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