Monday, April 20, 2009

Slim Pickins

There were about a dozen garage sales on Saturday and a friend and I went to most of them, but there wasn't much to be found. Here is what I did get. The yellow primitive table did make it worth it. The Cinderella dress is for preschool. I bought the rake to use for one of the cute rake projects they showed in the current issue of Country Living (is it my imagination, or are they starting to show more junk make-overs now that Country Home is done?).

Here is a chair I redid. I forgot a before picture of the whole thing, but it was wood with this nasty seat cover (look, my grass is trying to get green!):
Layer 2:
Layer 3:
Chair--painted, distressed and recovered:


  1. that yellow table is great! and your chair looks incredible!!

  2. Hi, I don't think I've commented before, but I enjoy looking at your site. Cuuutte chair! I have to know...where did you get that fabric?

    Beth reading44654 at yahoo dot com

  3. Thanks--the fabric was from JoAnn's--the flat folds, leftover decorator fabric.

  4. I have to agree with you about Country Living doing more trash to treasure projects. I don't recall that they did many in the past.

    Love the prim yellow table!

  5. I do love that prim table. Great finds for slim pickin's! ~Mindy

  6. Now that is a great bunch of finds and totally worth the trip to the sales.
    Great chair project too.

  7. I thought the same thing when I received my latest Country Living. Great finds!


  8. Cute...that table looks liek the antique one I got last summer...I just have a thangggg...for little tables and chairs. cherry

  9. that chair turned out great. i've been wanting something like that. hope if i find one i can make it look that good.

  10. Oh that table is adorable! Are you going to leave it as is or will you do something else with it?


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