Friday, April 3, 2009

Picture Lotto

I found this picture lotto game recently at a church rummage sale. The poor girl on the front was no doubt an orthodontist's dream.
This is what I did with some of the individual cards. The blue one I made first, with a wood plaque I also got at the rummage sale. I then went to Michaels and found more wood that would work. I painted and stained them and the used modge podge to stick them to the plaque. I still have to put hangers on the back of them, so they are sitting on my dusty piano here. I think the individual ones would be cute on a little stand--I may have to make some.

I still have the 6 large lotto cards that I have an idea for.


  1. Cute idea. Would look so great in a child's room. thanks for always inspiring :)

  2. Very creative. I never know what to do when I stumble across those old, funky games. ~Mindy

  3. Super cute! I had never seen that game before. I often see games at Salvation Army and never thought of doing something like that will them. For instance, the other day I saw a Harry Potter game. My son loves HP, but isn't much into games. I could do something like that for his room... or I could use the cards as Christmas tree decorations. Hmmmm... now the wheels are turning!

  4. Another great idea.. thinking outside the box...again.
    I sent a blog award your way if you choose to accept.


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