Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Verses

Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and
puts them into practice is like a wise man
who built his house on the rock.
- Matthew 7:24

Reading the bible is a lot like exercise for me. It seems like there are a million other things that I need or want to do and so getting started is hard. But, once I start, I love it and want to keep going. When I exercise I want to do more-- sit-ups and squats, and push-ups. And when I start to read and study the bible, I want to go on and on. I want to find more verses that apply to my current life. I want to find history and cross references and read different versions. I am always amazed at how timeless the bible is--how situations are similar to my life. And like exercise, I feel so much better afterward and never regret the time spent.

Is it tough for you to get into God's Word? This week I challenge you to read the bible more than you did last week. For some that may mean cracking open the Good Book for the first time in years, for some that may mean reading each day, others may be diligent readers of the Word and may just add an extra chapter a day. Whatever you do, I am certain that if you spend more time in the bible this week, you will be blessed. Let me know how it goes!


  1. In our sermon this morning, our preacher compared bible reading to exercising and gave scriptural references. It is neat to see you talking on the same thing, there are times when God just needs to make sure I get the point. :)

  2. yep, often I jsut want to get the day going and don't want to spend time in the word, but well, it's how I'll get through the day. Good post Thanks

  3. Beautiful post!!! Blessings to you today!
    kari & kijsa


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