Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What Am I Up To?

Thought I'd show you a few things I am working on:

Sanded and primed some things,

Built a bench,

Decoupaged this (it still needs hooks).

I forgot how busy school becomes--homework, back-to-school nights, meetings, football for 2 boys, soccer for the daughter. Oh well, that is okay.


  1. Very cute, love the bench!
    As long as you can escape to creat now and then thats all that matters!

  2. love it all. i don't know if you have a online shop, but if you wanted to do a giveaway i would love to send my ladies your way! check out my blog www.pinknothings.blogspot.com
    by the way i found you when you had your big day with sits!

  3. I love it all!! I agree, I started teaching today...my painting and crafting will be an evening thing now with soccer and dance but I love it!

  4. Yes, when school starts it gets so busy. I love the bench that you made. I need to paint a few things too. Maybe this week end.

  5. I always anticipate seeing good and creative things when I stop by this blog. Again you inspire.

  6. Oh Bec you stay busy... please don't remind me of the activities this fall... well I got a break.. the two youngest are not playing soccer... Oops.. more shows for me.. LOL

    But the oldest will play enough for the rest of us!

  7. What great projects! The picture is so sweet! Well done.

  8. you've been very busy....love all your projects!
    when you get a few minutes, check out my blog, there is a surprise for you.

  9. You've been busy busy!!! I love your bench...I'm thinking I have the perfect place for it....


  10. Lots of fun on your blog...your picture reminded me of four chairs I have had waiting for me in the garage all summer....our back to school isn't until next week, so can't wait as plan to spend the first day PAINTING!!!

  11. Cute red stuff...would you mind sharing what color red you use and how you get your "aged" look? katieepstein@yahoo.com
    Thx Katie


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