Saturday, September 18, 2010

4 in 5--Bullseye

Here is my first 4 projects in 5 days post.  I needed some more free art for my living room "ledge area" and wanted something simple and fun.  I started with three fence boards that I cut the dog-ear ends off of and connected on the back.
I then lightly sanded them and painted them a cream color.
I found the center and then the side centers (really, does that make any sense?).
I used an old tupperware lid to trace a circle around--this one is nice because I could see through it so I could see the center dots I had made.
I then got out the 5 or 6 colors I wanted to use, a couple different sized brushes and some water.  I started by tracing around or inside the circle. I used water to keep the edges soft.  I had no plan, just painted bullseyes.
When I was satisfied (and out of room because the circles were touching) I sanded it a little and propped it up on my ledge.   Now one of these days soon, really it will be soon, I am going to paint the wall in that nook, ledge area, blue I think, but until then I am happy with my free art.

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  1. I always love an artsy rustic mix. I love the way this turned out.
    thanks for sharing it.

  2. I love it! I recently was a store where they did something similar and wanted thousands of dollars for it!!! Great idea!

  3. Good idea! I love mixing artsy things...
    Jane (Artfully graced)

  4. Oh I love it, love it the timer and rustic washed look!

  5. a New visitor, please come and see me. Love your post.



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