Saturday, October 30, 2010

New To Me!

Sorry a little late here with my New To Me post--busy weekend.  First--a disclaimer--while these blogs are "new" to me, there is a chance I have visited them before, but didn't remember or it was only a brief visit and I didn't take the time to explore.  Sorry--so many blogs, so few memory cells.  This week's blog that is new to me is Lolly Jane Boutique.  These sisters know caaa--ute!

                          This adorable gobble, gobble sign is the first thing that caught my eye.
Check Out the adorable jewelry armoire makeover:
There is a great tutorial on making this sweet owl:
I have made my share of chalkboards but none as cute as this one!

A great tute on creating a diamond pattern on a wall--love those colors.

Self proclaimed Fancy Pants jewelry holders are wonderful:

And yummy!
So go check the Lolly Jane sisters out today!


  1. Arent those some great pieces you shared. Love the chalkboard- Great idea with the string. and love teh diamonds.. Admire someone elses patience and talent..
    SUch Inspiration

  2. PS: Just linked up! Yay!
    Thanks for hosting :)

  3. I didn't know about them, so thanks for sharing. Nice stuff!!

  4. wow luc the jewelry canvas
    I'm starting a new series for the Holidays, I hope you stop by.


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