Monday, December 6, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Ideas--Day 10

On the tenth day of Christmas Beyond the Picket Fence showed me...a new place to hang a wreath.  I think I may be heading into just plain crazy here now, but this idea for a wreath holder (or stockings, again, if you add more hooks) popped into my head last night and I had to try it.  I know you have seen wreath holders before, but have you ever seen one that has ice skates as the "feet" or "braces"?
I started with 3 ice skates of similar size--I think 3 same sized skates would be easier and a few old wooden spindles (table leg" chair leg?--I am not sure).  The smaller spindle had a screw sticking out of the bottom, and the larger one had a hole in the top so it worked out nicely to join them.
I used some wax on the spindles to clean them up and then set to figuring out how to attach the skates.  I realized I needed some spacers so I used little wood blocks.
I hot glued the blocks to the skates and the spindle just to hold them in place for screwing them in (hot glue is my third hand).  I then drilled through the inside of the skates, using 2 screws for each skate.
I added the hook before attaching the two spindles because it is much easier to do that way.  I used a little wood glue and hot glue between the spindles and added a vintage glass ball ornament on top.
It turned out very sturdy and level--I am little shocked :).  This will go outside, but it is 5 degrees right now so an outside photo shoot wasn't sounding too lovely.

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  1. You are very innovative and crafty to be able to put this together. I love it! :)



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