Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Verses

I have decided it is time to reinstate Sunday verses.  I originally quit for summer and never came back to it.  But I miss it, so I hope that Sundays at Beyond the Picket Fence will be a time for you to find a word of encouragement.

"Be as calm in your waiting; let your hearts be strong: because the coming of the Lord is near." James 5:8

The verse has been a comfort to me as we waited for news on my husband and as we wait for him to heal.  Waiting is not my strong point.  If I know I am going to get news, good or bad, but especially bad, I want it immediately.  I am a dive into the cold water kind of a person.  But sometimes waiting is good.  It reminds us that we can handle more than we think we can, it provides other answers and avenues we may not have thought of in our haste, it reminds us that we have loved ones who are there for us, and it gives God a chance to work and to come into our lives in a new or unexpected way.  If you are waiting for something, news--good or bad, a job, a significant other, a baby, whatever it may be, remember to be calm as you wait and strong, God's timing is perfect.


  1. A great verse and reminder to all of us! Beautiful winter photo! Have a blessed Sunday!

  2. Hello Becky! Been waiting for news of my sick uncles passing this week, and he died this morning at 5AM. The sun was shining this morning! He is now with his parents, my grandpa and grandma, and I know they have now had a happy reunion with their youngest son.

    Hope your week is a good one and have a Merry Christmas!


  3. Thank you so much for this post. It is a reminder that we all need. God bless you and your family with a blessed Christmas. Ginger

  4. Hi Becky...I've always enjoyed your posts on JMS :)
    Beautiful thoughts and a wonderful verse! I'll look froward to your Sunday verses. I agree it is hard to wait, but his timing is always perfect. And His plans are way beyond what we can ask or imagine.
    Merry Christmas, Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  5. Thanks so much for posting the verse. I too must work on waiting and not pushing what I think needs to happen but listing to what He has planed for me.


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