Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The First Ugly Step Sister...

The story continues (see post below if you missed the once upon a time part).  The first ugly step sister was tired of being called cheap and glossy.  
She had seen some hard times, a little girl with a magic marker, coins glued to her top, a few dings and dents.  But she knew a better future was in store.  She threw off her traditional ways, and with a little sanding and primer and paint (gray and white), she became a hip and chic piece,

complete with new jewelry (I had to retrofit handles, used washers to hide the old holes).
Step sister number one hopefully will soon be living a new, glamorous life in a new home.


  1. She's beautiful! Definitely no longer the "ugly" stepsister!!

  2. That is SO cute! Did you hand-paint all those flowers out of your head??

  3. Excellent! I really like the way this turned out! The distressing is great and the flowers on top are adorable.
    Great job!!

  4. Great makeover and love how you used washers to cover up the holes--inspired!

  5. So cute! And aren't you the clever one! I'm going to have to remember the washer idea. Brilliant!

  6. The color is fab and I really like the style of the flowers. Great job

  7. Doesn't even look like the same piece, it's adorable.

  8. WOW I LOVE it!! The flowers are a perfect whimsical touch...did you do them by hand?!

    LOVE it :)

  9. ooo I love these! so adorable-- love the hand painted flowers and such!

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries


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