Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Patience Please

I am trying to simplify redo blog, having a few issues, sorry for it's goofy look!  And I need help,as usual!  How do I get rid of the other background?  I know it is embedded in the HTML somewhere, somehow?  I need directions in simple, blonde-minded language!


  1. I can help. I do blog design and I'd be happy to help you.

    Kristin @ Simply Klassic Blog Design

  2. Go to the layout page and there should be one that says "HTML/Java Script". You may have multiples, so you'll have to keep opening them until you find the right one. On the bottom left corner, it should have a "REMOVE" button. That should do it!

  3. OK, other option is that you are using a blogger background in which case you need to go to the Template tab, click customize. Most free blog backgrounds use the "ethereal" background. Mine did and I got it from TCBOTB. Then click on "Background" (still in the template window) and change your background to white so that it doesn't interfere with your new one.

  4. I love the new header! Thanks for hosting the party!!!


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