Friday, February 6, 2015

Scarf Hanger in 30 Minutes or Less

Did you take the Heap of Change Challenge last month (see HERE)?  I am continuing to work on my closets and other areas of the house and today I decided to started clearing some things out of my closet.  

I knew my scarves needed thinning out and a BETTER way to hang them.  So in about 30 minutes of work time (plus some dry time) I had a new scarf system.
scarf hanger, organization, reclaimed wood, leather strap, Beyond The Picket Fence

I have been keeping my scarves draped, shoved, stuffed on my belt hoop.  It made it very hard to see many of them, they would fall, and would get wrinkly.
closet organization, scraf, Beyond The Picket Fence
I remembered leather strap holders I had seen over a year ago that held magazines and was inspired to do something similar.  I started with a board that was 27" long and 7 inches wide.  I painted it light grey and then used a polyacrylic over the top.
reclaimed wood, scarf organization, leather belt, Beyond The Picket Fence
I cut three leather belt pieces 16" long.  you can cut the belt with a good pair of sharp scissors or an exacto knife.
leather belt, scarf hanger, organization, Beyond The Picket Fence
Measure for even placement and attach belt loops with a screw.  I used a washer too for a more finished look.
DIY scarf holder, organize your closet, Beyond The Picket Fence
I added D rings to the back to hang it up.  Each loop will easily hold 8 scarves, although I don't have as many now since I weeded some out.
reclaimed wood, scarf hanger, organization, closet, Beyond The Picket Fence
You could make this vertically as well, depending on your space.
scarf, closet organization, Beyond The Picket Fence
Quick and organized, YAY!


  1. What a great idea! Easy, good way to repupose old belts (that don't fit anymore, but you hate to throw out because they're "good leather"). Also makes a colorful display instead of a jumbled mess in my closet. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I really like this! Clever lady you are!

  3. Love this idea and I've been saving belts, so I think it's a GO. I put up a vintage accordian hanger just for my scarves, but each small post won't hold many and they are falling off. Your idea will work much better and the accordian can be used for necklaces instead ! Thanks so much for sharing !

  4. Superb and adorable - I am doing this asap!

  5. Oh! What a fun idea this is! The belts give such a great texture - so creative!
    Catherine (latest follower of your blogging adventures!) :)

  6. This is so clever! And cute! Totally going to do this when I revamp my closet. ;)

  7. What a fabulous idea! I am so excited to have discovered such an educational website. I like your leather strap holders! Who can write my paper for me? I will do the similar things then :)


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