Friday, March 27, 2015

Project Challenge--Linen/Leather Fabric, Stenciled Pillows, + a Link Party

Hello all, welcome to our third project challenge! This month's challenge was to create something from linen or leather fabric and six of us bloggers put ourselves to the challenge (I see we all chose linen).  This month you can link up your own challenge projects--something made from linen or leather fabric.
linen, stencils, paint, pillow, old sign, beyond the picket fence,
As you know, I am more of a paint and wood girl, so this was a bit of a thinker for me.  But, I found a way to use paint still when I stenciled these "linen" pillows I made.
pillows, farmers market, coffee sign, stencil, beyond the picket fence,

Okay, confession time--I don't think this fabric is really linen.  But, it certainly looks linen like to me.  It actually was an old curtain panel that I was no longer using. As I was putting them in the giveaway bag, I realized the fabric would be great for something, and I was right.

I stenciled the fabric first using some of Funky Junk Interiors old sign stencils.   She has the cutest designs and they are NICE stencils that are going to last and last.  Plus, they come with lots of fun options to change them up.  Using Fusion Mineral Paint, I stenciled right on to the linen.  
coffee sign stencils, pillow, paint, beyond the picket fence,
Because I used a fairly dry brush, the paint was dry in no time.  I cut around the stencil designs, cutting out the pillow sizes I wanted.  For the back of the coffee pillow I did a cover that would be able to be removed from a pillow form.
stencil, pillow, vintage sign, beyond the picket fence,
I used the existing side hems on the linen curtain panels and cut two rectangles that were the same height as my pillow.  They overlap in the back to make an opening for the pillow form.  This is wht it looks like wrong side out:
sewing pillows, linen,
Right side out:
pillow, sewing, stencils,
For the Farmers' Market pillow, I simply stuffed it and sewed the end shut. 
old sign stencils, funky junk interiors, coffee sign, farmers market, beyond the picket fence,
I love the simplicity and vintage feel to these pillows.
sewing, pillows, stencils, vintage, sign, coffee sign, beyond the picket fence,
Now, enjoy all of the other bloggers' projects and then be sure to come back and link up your own!


  1. LOVE them!! Gotta get me some of those stencils as well!! ;)

    1. Thanks Michele, they are very nice stencils--I have so many ideas for them!

  2. These are darling! And I love using curtains or some other item that already had hemmed edges for pillows - anything that cuts down on the time is amazing!

    1. Thanks Jill--yes, I was glad I had saved them, definitely a time saver.

  3. I have panels just like that and made bags with them, ha! Great job, Becky. They look fantastic!

  4. Your pillows are soooo cute!! I just love them!!

  5. Thanks, I did have leather in my hand to use, but the linen won out!

  6. Great job Becky and such a good way to use up something you already had.

  7. I love them! I can't wait to get my coffee stencil! :)

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