Friday, October 9, 2015

Small Town Thrifting

Today is one of those days--the good kind.

It is amazingly gorgeous out--mid 70's, slight breeze, crystal blue sky.  

I decided it was a great day for a small adventure so I hopped in the truck and headed down the interstate to a nearby small town to do some thrifting.

Sadly, many of the thrift stores and junk shops and cute boutiques are gone since the last time I was there. 

I did have a delightful lunch and took a few pictures around town.
thrift store, small town, Montana,

The town bell (?)--it has a siren on top and I guess is used in emergencies.
small town, thrift stores, bell, fall,
Many of the buildings are empty.  
thrift store, coffee shop, turquoise, brick,
I want to buy them all up and open coffee shops, and home shops and a candy store.
small town, thrift stores, brick, old building,
Loved this iron gate, just there--not reallyleading to anywhere.
iron gate, rusty, small town,
Some new signs have been painted on the buildings.
mural, brick wall, small town,

brick, mural, small town,
I think the local bowling alley is all locked up now.
small town, bowling alley, vintage sign,
LOVE this theater sign and the theater is still open on the weekends (showing movies that are a tad old).
vintage sign, neon sign, star, small town, brick, old theater,
I mean, come one, isn't this star incredible?
neon sign, vintage sign, star, theater,
And what about this politically incorrect neon motel sign?
vintage sign,motel sign, neon sign, small town,
I did find a few goodies at the senior citizen thrift shop that is open only a few hours on Fridays and Saturdays.  TEN wire baskets, yummy!
wire baskets, vintage, locket baskets, thrift store,
A "vintage" superbly comfortable rocking swivel chair for me.  The fabric is not my fabric of choice, but it is clean, doesn't clash, and looks just fine with a throw and pillow on it. It might get recovered one day.
thrift store finds, swivel chair, vintage,
My daughter has been wanting a vintage suitcase for sleepovers.  While I am pretty sure she is wanting a hardsided travel case, I couldn't resist buying her the SAME sleepover case I had 40+ years.  Can you say vintage hip?!
vintage suitcase, luggage, hippie vibe,
I got a great vintage canister set.
vintage canisters, 1950's kitchen, kitsch,
And some old games (I am sucker for the graphics on games) and 25 vintage tupperware and metal cookie cutters.  
small town, thrift store, vintage cookie cutters,
What a delightful way to spend a perfect fall day!


  1. I just love these little towns...all those old signs etc....just wonderful! Thanks for sharing all your finds.

  2. Oooh, love the wire baskets. So many possibilities. I also love small towns with all the quaint storefronts. It's so sad that so many of them are disappearing. Not enough folks wanting the old look anymore I guess. Cute travel case too Becky. Thanks for sharing. Have you given away your pallet books yet? Should I uncross my fingers? I'm getting a cramp! Lol.

  3. So many places in little towns are closing or already closed...makes me really sad. You found some great treasures, especially the wire baskets.

  4. Great finds! "Me Like Um'…ha! Our small town too has SO many empty shops…. and I've often said I'd love to buy them up…. make them alive again… IF I was a millionaire!

  5. Most of the best thrifting around here is in the little towns that are about 45 minutes away. I try to get out there a couple times a month with my BFF. That suitcase brought back some great memories for me...had one just like it!! Great finds!

  6. Despite the decline of the town, you had a good visit! I get sad seeing that places are abandoned. And then I get 'disturbed' when I see builders taking down good buildings to put up more condos, etc... We have a LOT of that here! Fun finds! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  7. What a great day! I love driving through old towns and dream of what i would do with all the old homes and businesses. Someday... :)


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