Monday, June 13, 2016

More Love and Coffee Love

I simply cannot post frivolous home decor without first addressing the tragedy in Orlando.  
more love, less hate,
While I do not know what the answers are, and I won't get political, I do know what Jesus said and commanded: Love our neighbors, love our enemies, love patiently with kindness,  to love one another because God loves us. Jesus loved radically, with no boundaries and no conditions and that is the love we are to strive for.  So while we may disagree on the answers, I am going to choose love first and pray others will do the same, pray that love will change those who hate, pray that love will chase out fear and anger.  

And while love knows no boundaries, my love might need a little caffeine in the mornings (especially on Mondays!) to feel all warm and fuzzy.

coffee love, coffee sign, pallets, pallet sign, salvaged sign, handpainted, distressed paint,
This sign started life (well, after being a pallet) as a sign for a wedding.  But, the verse I painted was too long and too squishy on it, so i made a new, larger sign for the wedding.  I then sanded the words off it, painted it some fun, beachy colors, and made this kitschy coffee sign.
coffee sign, soffe love, coffee saying, pallet sign, salvaged wood,
I hand painted all of it because I just prefer the look to the perfect, made in china look.  
coffee sign, coffee saying, kitsch, kitchen decor, salvaged wood, pallets, chippy paint,
And while the saying is of course in gist, hubby knows my first love in the morning comes in a cup!
coffee saying, coffee sign, pallets, handlettered sign, kitsch,


  1. I think you and I are sisters separated at birth! My husband swears I'll want a coffee cup engraved on my tombstone! Hahaha

  2. Ha-ha, I love it--coffee surely is the drink of choice in heaven!

  3. thank you for your comments about the Orlando tragedy. I've thought many times since then how Jesus calls us to love our neighbor. I've been praying for all of those effected by this terrible loss.

  4. Becky,

    I love this sign! Even though I don't drink coffee!

    so pretty!


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