Monday, April 17, 2017

More Courage on MORE Mondays

easy ways to overcome fears
Have you seen this video of a girl who faced 100 of her fears in 100 days?!
easy way to face our fears
Video HERE

Wow, super brave, right?  It got me to thinking, what are my fears and how can I overcome them.  I have some little fears such as, "Do I look like an idiot wearing this?" and the BIG ones, "What if my child dies while driving to school."
free printable on courage with ways to conquer fears

Fear can keep us safe sometimes and certain amounts of fear are healthy, but when we let fear keep us from being who we are and who are meant to be, it is time to face them and work at getting over them.  

As I get older, I want to more brave.  I want my children to know that being courageous is okay and that taking risks makes life memorable. I want to be an example of courage.

free printable on how to overcome fears
How about you? Print out this WORKSHEET HERE and let's get started TODAY overcoming fear!


  1. Good post.
    I am my own worst enemy as I constantly get in my own way and prevent myself from getting out of my comfort zone.....especially since my husband's death. I do try to be braver and sometimes surprise myself....but it is still a slow process.
    diane @ thoughts&shots

    1. Aren't we all! Small steps are so much easier and they add up!!


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