Friday, April 7, 2017

Rustic Industrial Spool Table

A friend did a little pickin' for me at an estate sale and one of the things she got for me was a round table top that had been made from a cable or wire spool. It wanted to be a table again, so I created this rustic, industrial table--perfect for a small coffee or cocktail spot.

create a cozy spot with a rustic industrial spool table

The original table was obviously carefully made from linoleum that looks like wood (see picture below).  Someone had cut and glued it down on the wood spool with great precision, but I preferred the underside of the table or the real wood side.  

I started by making a square table apron from reclaimed wood. 
make a square table apron from reclaimed wood
I didn't take too many process pictures.  But I cut 1"x 1" boards the length between the legs (which are made from pallet boards) to attach to the inside of the apron.  These allowed me to attach the table top from the inside without screws showing and helped to secure the legs.
use pallet wood for table legs on a rustic industrial table
I did secure the pallet wood legs with 2 1/2" screws screwed through the front of the table apron.  
make a cozy cafe table from an old cable spool

I stenciled the top using individual letter stencils.  I traced a round tray to make a chalk line for straight lettering.

stencil a wire spool to make a cute rustic table
I stained the whole piece with Minwax stain in Early American
create a bar table with a reclaimed wood spool table top
After cutting two stools down (you are supposed to have 12" between a table top and chair seat-- I cut these down so that there is 10"), I painted them white, distressed them and used the same stain on them.A clear finish completed this project.
rustic industrial farmhouse round table perfect for coffee or cocktails
This little, industrial set would make a great table for a morning cup of coffee with a friend or an evening cocktail.  It is the kind of piece that doesn't take up too much space, but creates a cozy extra spot to enjoy.
a round table perfect for coffee or cocktails made from an old spool


  1. Love the table. I too prefer the wood look. The stenciled letters really add to the look.

  2. wow Becky - that is one of the most creative things I've seen in awhile.

    1. Thanks Kim! I want to keep it, but have no place for it so I am selling it.

  3. Are the legs 4x4 and what is the length?

    1. They are similar to a 4" x 4", but a bit smaller than a typical 4" x 4" as they are from a pallet. They are 30" tall, which when the table top was added, did make this a few inches taller than a regular kitchen table.

  4. It's really neat Becky. Thanks for telling how you built the table apron & attached the 1x1 boards so you could attach the table top so no screws would show.

    1. Thanks Deb! I like using the 1 x 1's--makes it feel more solid.

  5. You are one heck of a builder of pretty much anything you set your mind to. Wish we had room for little table like that with stools, very nice set and so very handy.
    Since we have both computers in mudroom, one of which is in big armoire, no room left. Our mfg. home didn't come with dining area. Only bothers me at holidays. Just two of us so we bought place and make do. Table and stools would be nice out on our back deck.
    Great job once again, have great weekend.

    1. Thank you! Sounds like you have a cozy home, perfect for your needs.

  6. I think it looks great. It's the perfect size for two.


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